The digital camera as we know it has changed significantly; much of the original contents have been upgraded to fit an ever-changing world. Looking at the nature of unfolding events in 2020, you might agree that it’s indeed a good year for camera lovers. Several hot deals with amazing cameras are on board; even with hotter ones set to come before the year runs out. Camera lovers may be forced to break the piggy bank soon to meet up with all the juicy demands of 2020. Most of these devices introduced this year are quite fantastic; having cool specs that just blows your mind. Especially with the Canon guys; they are working tirelessly to ensure that customer service is met duly.

Canon group has just established the

Canon group has just established the Leica Camera Series; they recently announced on their YouTube page of the upcoming online release of a new member of the Leica Series. Their announcement was pretty brief, and fewer details were given to the specifications of this new member of the family. Not even the name of the camera was released, although, rumor has it that it’ll be called the M10-R camera. This unveiling will most likely be on their YouTube channel according to the broadcast information. It should be noted that the Canon Group recently released two wonderful editions of their camera; the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6. Several users have already confirmed how great using these two devices is.

Canon Set to Launch the Newest Member of its M Series Family

The release date of this highly anticipated member of the M Series camera is set to be on the 16 of July 2020. This date is somewhat short to the date that was predicted by media pundits for a new camera launch by Canon. Since the specifications for the new release has not clearly been stated, many are left to guess what it could be in relations to what already exists. Canon has already released a monochrome device under the M series recently, so many are guessing the M10-R might probably be a colored version of this family. The pixels size may be seen to fall at the level of 24 MP, with a powerful image sensor attached.

These specifications were gathered from rumors online, these rumors contain leaked images of the said M10-R device. Including them as part of online posts doesn’t necessarily mean that they are true, rather, they have proven to be accurate on several occasions this anticipated launch is scheduled to hold on the evening of that auspicious day. You can be sure to be told the price as well, while there are hopes that the piggy bank may still be intact after purchase of this item; some still argue that it would require breaking the bank…

Nevertheless, it’s still a wonderful year for camera lovers; with the release of long-anticipated camera devices for their enjoyment. Canon has always stepped up the digital recording game; congratulations to them on the release of another wonderful piece of art. Importantly, it would be cool if the device bears the names and features that have been on the lips of the fans for long now.