Canon cameras have taken imaging to a whole new level of spectacular with products like the EOS 6D Mark II. Earlier in the year, there were rumors flying around concerning a camera with super specs from Canon with a release date believed to be within the summer of 2020. As the weeks went by, the specs of this camera were leaked to the public, revealing the unimaginable possibilities that await users. The camera product, the Canon EOS R5 is going to be the greatest release from the company and believed to be the best this year. There have been blogs and write-ups on social media regarding the proposed price of the item, but nothing can be sure until it is unveiled in the market.

Canon's EOS R5 is the first

Canon’s EOS R5 is the first of the new era of full-frame mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lens. The product will include a newly developed CMOS sensor which will enable heightened details such as faster repeated shooting, with speeds of up to roughly 20 fps utilizing the mute shutter. For the mechanical shutter, the speeds will be almost 12 fps. This will definitely attract the professional field of sports and wildlife photography that employ these characteristics to catch fast-moving subjects in camera. From a video viewpoint, the camera’s 8K video capture ability will incline videography for the prospect of making movies. The ability to capture 8K footages today permits for even better-quality outputs in 4k. This quality in production, combined with the ability to extract high-resolution still images from the video footage is a major property to look forward to in the EOS R5.

Canon's EOS R5 And EOS R6 To Add To 4TH of July Celebrations

There have been a few questions raised concerning the price that will be placed on the EOS R5 when it comes into the market. An Australian retailer, on one of his social platforms, put a price of $6800 but had to take it down as it was not official. The true cost may not be far from what the retailer put up, making the EOS R5 unaffordable for regular users. Also, its powerful specs have raised worries about its small frame being able to handle the quantity of heat that will be generated. Its functioning will certainly consume much power, and how the camera will respond when it is used constant remains a question.

With one eye on the future of photography, consumers have set a more keen eye on another product set to be released on the same day. The Canon EOS R6 appears to be a lower version of the EOS R5. Its leaked specifications suggest it is not too far from the EOS R5 plus it is believed to have a better build to handle the heat produced during use. In terms of being relatively cheap, it presents a better option from Canon. While bigger companies will love to go for the EOS R5, the EOS R6 will be a near alternative for regular photographers and videographers.

The decision is still yet to be made regarding the date of release of the two products simultaneously. However, the first week of July seems to be the likeliest of options. Canon is looking at the days before or after the 4th of July celebrations with the 2nd and 6th the most rumored dates. A few reporters have likened the wait for the cameras as when people await a movie with an amazing trailer.